Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Robertson Fatwa - Say What?

Pat Robertson occasionally takes the odd turn down Lunatic Lane and on his most recent visit he advocated assassinating Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuala. If that doesn't say wingnut, I don't know what does. Crooks and Liars does a good job pointing out that one group that has been silent are right-wingers who normally squawk fiercely whenever anyone says anything they disagree with.

Why the Silence on the right-wing sphere over Robertson?

It's so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

Power Line, Michelle Malkin, (she's on vacation so her
Hugh Hewitt, Roger L. Simon, and many more are all
silent on Pat Robertson's assassination statements so far. Anytime someone from
the left criticizes the war or the President we're deemed traitors, supporting
the terrorists while lowering the moral of our troops or just plain
anti-military, but having one of the biggest Christian leaders (who has the
President's ear) gleefully asking for a contract killing of President Hugo
Chavez that could send out a message to the Middle East that we are a nation of
religious zealot hit-men, dispatching our enemies with secret covert operations
Alias) for our own political gain is ignored.

To read the full post click here.

So, Pat, I'm curious: if it's OK by your god to take out Chavez, is it OK for their god to take out ours?


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  2. The irony of it all is both gods are supposed to be the same God. How ironic.

    (Now, Meg, your mom is not an i-ron...)

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