Monday, October 17, 2005

Review of A Bigger Bang by Rolling Stones

You know how you hear hype about how the new Stones CD or tour is going to be the best in ages, and then you just sort of get let down. Guess what folks – that’s not gonna happen here!

For a while people were laughing at the fact that the Stones were still touring. Some people were wondering when they would actually have a tour named the “Geriatric Tour” or some other silly mot. Well, folks, A Bigger Bang is proof that the Stones are just as talented, dynamic and as hot as they were in the 1960s. So there!

Buy this CD, and see why. The booklet has the song lyrics too, a touch I always appreciate so I don’t have those embarrassing “you thought the words were what?” moments. Speaking of that, go to Kiss this Guy for some fun!

Here’s my two-cents on A Bigger Bang.

Rough Justice This song rocks. Period. It’s one of their best ever. It is hard rocking, heart pounding rock the way it was meant to be played. Rough Justice is going down as one on the greatest Stones songs ever. It has the feel of an early Stones song yet it still is very up to date, so if you are feeling a wee bit nostalgic it's a good choice. Guys, you did real good on this one!

Let Me Down Slow Ronny Woods does some great slide guitar here, and Keith does backup vocals. Probably not the strongest song on A Bigger Bang, but is is still very good.

It Won’t Take Long Fantastic, almost bluesy song. The guitar on this just rocks.

Rain Fall Down This is one incredible song. Could almost be from the Voodoo Lounge album, but it’s better than any song on it. I especially like Charlie Watts drumming on this. It’s got a great chorus and some funk going on. I just love it!

Streets of Love It is a beautiful, bittersweet ballad. I have a feeling people will either love it or hate it. I personally love it. Streets of Love is going to get a lot of play…come to think of it will, on Days of our Lives on NBC.

Yes, the Stones will be debuting their new Streets of Love video on Tuesday, October 18th in Salem. My mother, who’s um, older than any of the Stones, but less than 120, has been a DOOL fan forever, and a Stones fan since my brother and I took her to see Rolling Stones: at the Max 2D, which was the 1990 Steel Wheels concert IMAX flick. Check your local channel and set your VCRs. You can also catch the episode on SOAPnet that evening or on the weekend, so check your local times.

Back of My Hand Stones! Blues! Heaven! Great slide guitar. Their most bluesy in a long time.

She Saw Me Coming Talk about a relationship gone wrong! Some of the lyrics are inspired:

She saw me coming
She moved in for the kill
She saw me coming
I was served up on her grill
She busted in
And she burglarized my soul
But now the bad news
She’s out on parole.

Biggest Mistake Right up there with Street of Love. It’s one of those "Mostly Mick" songs. I lived the relationship in this song once, but je ne regrette rien! Here's the English translation of Je ne regrette rien, from Man with Two Hands. Stop on by, he's got some interesting things.

This Place is Empty Keith Richards does wonderful vocals on this song. It’s also a great slow dance song. I think of all the sounds he has sung, this is my all time favorite. Wonderful piano and guitar. Soulful, sad; great to have a late nice glass of Maker’s Mark and get weepy to.

Oh No Not You Again Wake up, jump, move, dance! I dare you to sit still during this song! Reminds me a lilttle at the ending of Respectable.

Dangerous Beauty Low down modern blues. I can see playing this on a juke box in a roadhouse with a plate of pulled pork bbq and downing some shots of Maker’s Mark.

Laugh,I Nearly Died Love the guitar on this. It's an incredible song.

Sweet Neocon YEAH! Oh, and it’s not about Bush or Blair? Hah! I want it to be therefore, it is. That’s called magical thinking. I have a feeling this is going to get a lot of play at Democratic parties. Love the harmonica and guitar on this.

Look What the Cat Dragged In Another great dance song. Sing along, while you’re at it. “Look what the cat dragged in, take it right out again!” Is there a video for this? There should be.

Driving Too Fast You know when you hear Charlie Watts pounding out a hard beat that you’ve got a great driving song. By all means, if you are driving while this song is playing, watch that accelerator! It really is a good driving song. And the lyrics are great; there’s a good allegorical thing going on here, with driving = life. Oh, some primo guitar licks, as well.

to many roads lead to nowhere
but how they twist and turn
and end up in a dusty old strip mall
where you tyres are all shredded and burned
you’re going out of your brain
out of your mind
going insane you’re
going blind
you’re driving to fast

Infamy Keith Richards singing again and he sounds very good. Great guitar, a little different from Keith usually does, and Mick on harmonica. In for me – infamy. This was a good choice to end the CD. It gives you chance to catch your breath!

This is their best release since Sticky Fingers in 1971. Here is, 34 years later and they are still at the top of their game. It’s still on heavy rotation on my CD player and certain songs get repeated until I’m ready to let go and move on: Rough Justice (probably the most replayed), Rain Fall Down, Streets of Love, Back of My Hand, Driving Too Fast and My Sweet Neocon (she said with an evil laugh!).

My recommend: BUY IT! What are you waiting for? And enjoy it.