Sunday, November 06, 2005

My additions to Dave White's 25 Classic Rock Solo Artists

Dave White (the About Guide to Classic Rock) listed tho to 25 classic rock solo artists , and I can't disagree on his choices, but felt he left out few so I've added five of my own.

26. Warren Zevon
Essential Album: Excitable Boy

Warren Zevon had a unique, offbeat, satirical and often warped view of life that made his music addicting. Unfortunately people hear his name and think Werewolves of London is the only thing he ever did -- not true! Listen to Excitable Boy, and you'll see just how many great songs he did, like Lawyers, Guns and Money, and Roland, the Headless Thompson Gunner. Diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002, in typical Zevon style, he said he said he'd be happy just to hang around long enough to see the next James Bond flick. The Rock Gods granted his wish and he died a couple months after seeing Die Another Day, which was released June 3rd, 2003.

27. Ringo Starr
Essential Album/s: Ringorama, The Anthology So Far (I couldn't make up my mind so Ringo gets a double shot)

I don't think Ringo gets the recognition he deserves. When he tours with the All-Starr Band, you can tell he is still at the top of his game and he always lets other musicians shine as well. He is definitely a gentleman! The 1999 tour of the All-Starr Band was probably the best All-Starr Band yet. Click here to see more about the show at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Face it, you put Ringo Starr, Gary Brooker (Procol Harum) on keyboards , Jack Bruce (Cream) on bass, Simon Kirke (Free and Bad Company) on drums, Timmy Cappello (from the "Todd Rundgren School of One Man Band Musicians") and Todd Rundgren on the same stage and you know you are in heaven.

28. Edgar Winter
Essential Album: They Only Come At Night

If you didn't already know, Edgar is Johnny Winter's younger brother. His music fuses blues, rock and jazz. If you haven't listened to him, you definitely should because he is good. Real good.

29. Joan Jett
Essential Album: Bad Reputation

A Philly girl, which automatically endears her to me. Success in the US was latecoming; she was more popular overseas (Japan and Europe mostly) than she was here, which confounds me. Most people of have heard of the Blackhearts, but there's also the Runaways, her first band. She's finally getting the recognition here that she deserves, but she deserves more, I say, more!

30. Tracy Chapman
Essential Album: Tracy Chapman

A great rock/folk/blues mix and voice that could hypnotize a rampaging wildebeest into submission. God, how I love her voice. Especially on Give Me One Reason and Fast Car.