Monday, August 09, 2010

Did you know Willie Nelson cut off his braids?

Seriously! I was stunned because I can't ever remember Willie without his braids. His publicist,  Elaine Schock, said in an interview with Playlist (a Dallas Morning News blog) that Willie just got tired of the maintenance involved. I must admit, as a woman that makes sense. I'll still miss his braids, but he's still got it!

To find out how much he's still got it, listen to his new CD Willie Nelson Country Music. This is the country music that reminds me of the country music I listened to as a kid, when Hank Williams and Patsy Cline were hot tickets. This  is a CD you can have a listening party to. (Remember those?) The music is all about the song here. Beside if T-Bone Burnett produced it, you know it's good!

Gore Vidal - interviews worth watching. Will his experience based predictions come true?

There are quite a few videos of Gore Vidal interviews on this channel, and they are all worth watching. His keen observations of how American really works combined with his knowledge of history makes for interesting viewing and discussion. I suspect, if you are a Republican, you won't like the videos very much.

I chose these three videos just to whet your appetite, and make you just a wee bit angry. If you're like me you get angry and think about what made you angry and why. If you're smart, you'll fact check and at least give being objective a shot.

Gore Vidal on the future

Gore Vidal on US media and society