Monday, August 02, 2010

Container gardening time.

I didn't realize the flood had actually flooded my tomato plants so completely that as the wet soil broke the stalks broke near the bottom of the plants. Yesterday I pulled the dead plants and replaced them with a couple of "sweet baby girl" tomato plants. I wish they would bloom in 24 hours - that would be the ideal tomato plant! Tomato and mozzarella salad every day.

The serrano and jalapeno peppers are doing well. I thing the high temperatures we're getting are doing them good. I have moved my italian herb pot into the semi-shaded area because the poor babies (basil, oregano, sage) were turning into dehydrated herbs on the vine.

The lantana looks like it is going to bloom again, and the pothos will probably be divided soon.

I still have empty pots, so there's still stuff to plant, like catnip for Leo and Loki or something colorful for the fall.
Loki on the left, Leo on the right. Despite the fresh catnip growing outside, they seem to prefer it slightly dried, and them mushed up a bit to get the oils flowing.

And on that note, the sky has gone from nice and blue to looking like early evening. Here comes the morning thunder storms!

Perfect to to listen to Eric Clapton, so I think I'll kick off my dirty shoes, get a pot of herb tea going and relax. Let's see what album we have today - Me and Mr. Johnson. I think I'll add some Robert Johnson and just have a blissed out morning.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Prequel to Alien! Now that is exciting for us geeks!

Apparently, this is the story: Ridley Scott is in charge and Damon Lindelof (of lost fame) is going to rewrite the script. Why it needed rewriting, isn't really discussed. Having grasped the basics of Lost (I was not an avid watcher) there should be some interesting plot turns. Wonder if there will be any Dharma beer popping up.

I have one problem with prequels. They normally suck. Now if he comes up with a really good script that explains how everyone was chosen and how they met the alien in the first place, that would OK. Especially if you have the urge to scream out NO DON'T GO THERE! knowing they'll go anyway.

Personally, I'd like to see Alien redone in 3D. But that's just me.

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