Friday, August 26, 2005

City on the Edge of Crawford

Eureka! I've figured out why BushCo hates what Cindy Sheehan is trying to do and they are actually trying to save the future!

Somehow, the Republicans have stumbled upon a time portal and discovered that if Cindy Sheehan is not stopped, the peace movement she began will continue to grow until the Afghan and Iraqi wars end, Democrats are elected in droves and control The Whole Enchilada, the deficit is once more vanquished, and Americans are happy with full health care, the world's best public education system, clean air and water, great jobs and nobody cares about sexual orientation, skin color, gender, religious affiliation or what political party one belongs to. The nation's motto becomes "We're all in this together" and nobody has to figure out if a politician is telling the truth, because, of course, they really want to tell the truth and are there to work in the best interest of everybody (even illegal immigrants) in the US.

Realizing the horrendous consequences of this reality, double super secret agents descend to make sure the future is safe for corporations, five week presidential vacations and conservatives everywhere.

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