Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm upright!

I hate Meniere's disease. I don't have attacks very often but this one sent me to the ER. It was nasty. I still have tinnitus, especially in my right ear. Grrrrr.

I have made no soup lately. Actually, I'm grateful for instant mashed potatoes and canned peas at this point! Tonight I will actually be making some grilled chicken, the first real cooking, other than scrambled eggs, that I've done since the floor jumped up and hit me in the face.

I've fallen behind in news junkie reading. I know there's been things happening, but Antivert makes you not care. I did read that there's a new planet, or at least something going on out there in our solar system. I'm all for making whatever it is a planet: ten is a nice round number. I also heard on NPR that Doonesbury was pulled from a few papers for referring to Karl Rove by his nickname, Turd Blossom. John Roberts is only number five in terms of judicial hunkiness, but I want to find the site and find out who numbers one through four are. And finally, John Bolton is being sent to the UN via recess appointment. Jeesh. Makes me wish I had something stronger than Antivert.

Right now I am listening to: The Grand Illusion by Styx (The Grand Illusion, 1977)

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