Thursday, August 04, 2005

b r a i n n o t f u n c t i o n i n g

My latest bout of Meniere's shows only the eencie-weenciest signs of abating. The humidity is picking up and that means things will pretty much come to a standstill again. It's incredibly boring. Reading is darn well impossible because the words jump all over the place; knitting has become a challenge; television is boring.

Well, it's not all boring. There are some things I do watch: General Hospital, Ellen, CSI (any city), and occasionally I'll turn to C-Span when I need a good laugh. Weekends are my favorite PBS viewing. Doctor Who reruns pop up, Mystery, the Red Green Show. You know what I really miss on PBS? Reruns of the Ernie Kovacs Show. Now he was a genius!

I'm desparately trying to stay upright enough to work on my little blog here, but it's a challenge, and I'm so desperately behind on the news.

And I'm trying to pack for a move back to Utah. I can hardly wait to get back there - I love dry heat and desert. And pie. Love that pie, especially from Village Inn. I've never understood my fascination with the desert. Maybe all those John Wayne movies when I was kid, but if there is one place on earth that I had to choose to to live in, it's Utah. It has everything. Not a lot of Episcopalians, though, at least not in the southeast corner.

Once Hank and I get out there, I'll actually put some order into chaos here and have a coherent blog. Maybe some pictures. More recipes. Music. News.

We'll see.

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