Monday, April 25, 2011

Bonjour from Nashville.

I've been thinking a great deal of Vincent Van Gogh lately. After all he is my favorite artist. To me his colors, not just his subjects, speak to me. Perhaps it's because colors evoke moods, and there's a Van Gogh for each one of my moods. And I do have moods. 

I deal with very mild bi-polar disorder on a daily basis. That does not mean I'm crazy. I might be driving on "three wheels these days, but darling, how 'bout you?" We have regular eye check ups, dental check up, pap smears, colonoscopies, oil changes - so why don't we have a regular mental heath check up? Who would do our checkups? Would insurance cover them? Why should health insurance NOT pay for a yearly one hour talk with a psychiatric profession to go over a for that can screen for psychiatric and emotional problems. We could nip many troubles in the bud with a regular screening, and also get an objective idea of how we are growing in life from someone who doesn't have a stake in it. Do you have someone to talk to, just for a quick check up? Try to find one. From a user's prospective, it really does help.

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Just to prove it's me, back after all this time, here's a Queen video.

This blog will be more active, I'll be monitizing it, (I need the money), I'll be doing mostly political and activism stuff, along with music and general muckracking and whatever shiny idea catches my attention.

Go have some fun I'll see you tomorrow.  Ushta.

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