Monday, January 23, 2006

Journey's "Generations"

This is much better than their last effort, Arrival, which, although I do like ballads, seemed to OD on them. The new CD is much more to my liking. More rock, less ballads.

Everybody gets a chance at lead vocals on this which is really nice - especially Steve Augeri. Probably my favorite track is "Out of Harm's Way", with Neal Schon's vocals. The song should resonate with certain Americans who (like me) who aren't too fond of the Iraqi situation. Schon is downright impressive.

If you like your rock blue tinged like me, you'll like "Gone Crazy". A bit of a caveat here: Ross Valory's voice is a bit quirky. I've always been a fan of quirky voices, so I like it, and the guitar playing by Schon is fantastic.

Definitely worth picking up!

I working on a rating system, just because people seem to like that sort of thing. I'm sure it'll be kind of quirky.

Yesh: that is my word of the day: quirky.

JOURNEY Generations is released by Frontiers/Sanctuary Records Group

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