Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Holy Vinyl Batman, It's Almost Christmas!

I haven't been posting, because I'm under the weather, but I couldn't let this festive season go by without posting what I consider to be the TEN MOST ANNOYING CHRISTMAS SONGS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

10: Jingle Bell Boogie, by the Jingle Dogs. (Arrrghfbarf)

9: The entire Christmas with the Brady Bunch album. (So bad, it's hard to pick the worst song.)

8: The entire Meowy Christmas album. (See comment for number 9)

7: Oh Holy Night, by Cartman (South Park) Now if Chef would have sung it, it'd have been good.

6: Oh Holy Night, Celine Dion (Some people love this - I don't. I like Celine, believe it or not.)

5: Jingle Bells, by Barbra Streisand (I like Barbra, too, just not doing Jingle Bells)

4: The entire Star Wars Christmas Album. (What the hell were they on when they made this?)

3: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, by Kathy Lee Gifford (You need a reason?)

2: The burped version of Silent Night. I don't know who did it, maybe Dr. Demento does.


1: The Christmas Shoes, by New Song. If you've never heard a Christmas song that will make you want to toss yourself under Santa's sleigh and have all his reindeer trample you to death, you haven't heard this one. What were they thinking????? Scary, scary, scary. And from a Christian band no less.

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