Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rolling Stones "Rarities" out November 22nd

It will be released at Starbucks and other tradional retail outlets. This is a must have for me! It has remixes, b-sides, and live recordings from Stones' archives. I know what else I'll be getting with my tall, double shot caramel machiatto with whip cream on top! (Seriously, do the whipped cream instead of foam, the taste difference is worth it!)

This is the track listing:

Track Listing for Rolling Stones Rarities: 1971 - 2003
1. "Fancy Man Blues" (B-side to the "Mixed Emotions" single)
2. "Tumbling Dice" (live)
3. "Wild Horses" (live)
4. "Beast of Burden" (live)
5. "Anyway You Look At It" (B-side to "Saint of Me" single)
6. "If I Was A Dancer" (Dance Pt 2.)
7. "Miss You" (dance version)
8. "Wish I'd Never Met You" (B-side to "Terrifying" single)
9. "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" (live)
10. "Mixed Emotions IV" (12" version)
11. "Through The Lonely Nights" (B-side to "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" single)
12. "Live With Me" (live)
13. "Let It Rock" (B-side to "Brown Sugar" single)
14. "Harlem Shuffle" (New York Mix)
15. "Mannish Boy" (live)
16. "Thru and Thru" (live)

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