Saturday, October 01, 2005

More New Release Gotta Haves

Coming out October 25th or thereabouts:

Mastercuts Presents Sly & The Family Stone Released by Mastercuts. Sly doesn't get enough airplay if you ask me.

Know, I know you might think "Johnny Rivers"? What's that chick on?" But I like like the guy and he puts on one heck of a concert. Check out And I Know You Wanna Dance/Whisky a Go-Go Revisited Kudos for Beat Goes On for releasing more of my favorite Secret Agent Man.

For you Marshall Crenshaw fans here's some great stuff: Field Day, Downtown, Mary Jean & 9 Others, courtesy of Wounded Bird.

Strawberry Alarm Clock? Really, I'm sane. But who can forget Incense and Peppermints? (I even remember that on the B-side was The Birdman of Alkatrash!) Courtesy of Collectors' Choice Music we have Wake Up...It's Tomorrow, Good Morning Starshine and World in a Seashell.

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  1. Johnny Rivers Rocks! He puts on a great show, displaying more energy than rockers half his age.


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