Saturday, September 03, 2005

Finally, Hope has Arrived in Nola!

Evacuations are going full speed at last. Even Carnival Cruise Lines is pitching in, sending three of their ships to help. I think people have figured out that finger pointing wasn't helping the stranded people. Once everyone is safe, then it's time to figure out what went wrong.

President Bush has promised 17,000 more troops will be deployed over the next 72 hours.
I'm glad that he has acknowleged that the response to Hurricane Katrina's victims has been unacceptable. How we treat Katrina refugees is going to go a long way in showing people what we are really like as a nation.


  1. One thing to understand! FEMA has total authority over national disaster and does Not answer to anyone, not even Mr. Bush. They have more power then our president!!

  2. I hope that's not true. We need some sort of checks and balances even in an emergency. I am going to do a little more checking on FEMA - I'm not really certain of how there role changed after 9/11.


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