Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Terror Attacks

I just checked the BBC America site and found out about this. I've had the classic rock digital channel on all morning. I had gone to site to find out what was happening with G8 and Lance Armstrong. After a few minutes digesting the gulp in my throat, here we all are.

I understand anger, rage, frustration, even hatred and a whole of other negative emotions. I cannot understand how anyone can think putting those emotions to work in the form of terrorism. All it does it compound the negative image toward them and mobilizes people against them.

Can't we all just get along!

It seems that's too much to ask these days. Some people would rather cause pain and destruction, whether on a one-to-one level or on a world wide level. As Nany used to say "whatever you do, good or bad, always comes back to you." All the suffering that these people cause will come back at them, and if the Wiccans are right it will be three-fold. Will they learn their lesson? Probably not.

My heart is heavy with the thought of the suffering this is causing.

I haven't seen anything so far, but my guess is the G8 summit is might be cut short, although they shouldn't do it. It'll make it look like governments can be manipulated into doing whatever the terrorists want.

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